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Volume 33, Issue 1


  1. Review Article

  2. Clinical Decision Making in Periodontal Diagnosis (According to 2017 Classification) and Treatment Planning by Specialists and General Dentists

    Article 0006
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  3. Virtual Microscopy as an Effective Tool for Oral Pathology Teaching at Undergraduate Level

    Article 0007
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  4. Attitudes of Health Professionals in Pakistan Towards SHED (Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth) Practice

    Article 0008
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  5. Skeletal Maturity Assessment using Calcification Stages of Mandibular Canine; A Cross-Sectional S

    Article 0009
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  6. Prevalence of Gum Bleeding in Patient’s Taking Antiplatelet Therapy Reporting in Private Dental College, Lahore

    Article 0010
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  7. Oral Rehabilitation of Ectodermal Dysplasia Associated Hypodontia in an Adolescent Patient with Skeletal Class III

    Article 0011
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